Ayala Westgrove Heights

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Ayala Westgrove Heights

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Turnover Date: Variable
Lot Sizes:

600 sqm - 1400 sqm

Price Range: Php 10M - Php 30M


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Ayala Westgrove Heights By Ayala Land

The Westgrove Heights is one Ayala residential community having the most diverse amenities on its sleeve. Here, dreams are made and truly become reality. The project is situated to where life evolves and where peace, security and nature bind the family together in an awesome rendition of a perfect community. The site is so close to Sta. Rosa, Laguna where the Ayala Nuvali is located while it is less than half an hour away from Alabang and just 40 minutes away from the Central Business District of Makati, these facts bring The Westgrove Heights to a more accessible setting to any destination via major roads such as the E. Aguinaldo Highway, Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road and the SLEX.

The project is located in Brgy. Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite and sprawls through 400-hectare of orchard land and in combination with various species of fruit trees, rolling hills, lagoons, community parks, vast open spaces and valleys that adorned the surroundings. An environment truly conducive to raise the family! The amenities and facilities within this enclave are superb and in harmony with the surrounding natural surrounding which are truly breathtaking and stunning!

Without any doubt, all of us have ever felt the need to abandon the commotion of daily life and spend some of the most precious moments in a place which is dedicated for a secure, healthy and peaceful dwelling. Ayala Westgrove Heights can offer you more than that. 

The total area extends beyond three hundred hectares, which lies in the Philippines’ Calabarzon Region. The area encompasses numerous educational, medical and commercial facilities, which are all within walking distance from one another. However, one of the blessing aspects of this location is the richness and beauty of the surrounding nature. Every occasion to go out will be accompanied by exceptional experiences that will be gained among the plentiful orchards, beautiful lanes and lagoons. 

The living area expands within nature’s heart. However, such communal districts as NUVALI, Alabang and the Makati Central Business District can be reached quickly and easily. 

The Project was initiated by the Ayala Land, whose roots date back to 17th century. For almost 200 years, Ayala Corporation has been developing their branches wide into real estate movement, tackling such aspects as renewable energy, water distribution infrastructure, and banking matters. Ayala Land was incorporated in 1988 and has changed a major part of Philippines infrastructure, establishing numerous hotels, shopping centers, and residential buildings. With a vast experience throughout proficient decades of work, Ayala Land aims to offer high-quality real estates strategically placed around the loveliest sites. 

The design of the Ayala Westgrove Heights targets various needs of everyday life, to be fulfilled to the maximum. Besides the beautiful environment and convenient location, the project has implemented many infrastructural improvements, which can offer you a comfortable life that can be truly experienced in the core of nature. For example, a water reservoir is featured along with deep wells, which is a significant attributed aspect to a daily village life. You will never have to worry about energy supply or connection, as such infrastructural characteristics as the conduit for power provision and telephone lines have been thoroughly taken care of. 

A vast number of houses from which many are relatively new (3 to 8 years old) are offered at reasonable costs ranging from 5 up to 9-10M PHP. Many of the available accommodations could take in immediately families as matters about furniture, plumbing systems, and other necessary fixtures have been taken care of beforehand. In the search for an appropriate house, you would encounter many alternatives with lot sizes from 350-400 up to 800 square meters. With secure guarding perimeters and splendid gardens from the rear, front or both, all the required necessities for a high-standard life would be fulfilled. 

The choices regarding a specific kind of estate are versatile. Standard attributes such as the selectable number of garages and rooms will offer any person diverse house types to choose from. For example, there are many real estates, that feature 4 or 5 bedrooms, special rooms such as maid’s, driver's, prayer enclosures, and hobby rooms. However, when it comes to your individual tastes, you can find accommodations which include built-in mini theaters, Jacuzzis, areas dedicated for barbecuing, lounges or lanai areas – big open areas, which are aimed at the practice of diverse entertaining activities. 

In some cases, you will feel the necessity to stroll away to reach the atmosphere of the contemporary society, the Central Business District, encompasses the luxurious modern structures incorporated among the beauty of nature. An intensive work is lead there initiated by the Ayala Land Premier targeting the construction of such sites as the Two Roxas Triangle, establishing a perfect territorial balance between the modern and old-fashioned atmosphere inwards the surrounding area. In 2011, the Ayala Land Premier came to life, which aims to offer people the most exquisite real estates by the highest-quality standards among scenic environments. 

Getting in touch with the local groups will be a joyful experience, as it is not a rare occurrence with locals initiating various celebrations in the course of events. There are many local holidays, including the annual mango harvest festival, and the occurrence of cultural or sports events could be seen quite often, which will enrich your experience and ease getting along with the residents and guests of Ayala Westgrove Heights. The area encompasses neighborhoods, which are situated among the lovely sites of nature. Placed on this corner of bliss it will be a joy to get along with the settled groups and spend your time among familiar communities. 

Ayala Land Ayala Westgrove Heights in Cavite, Philippines is a premier Lot Only project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Ayala Westgrove Heights, then check here first. We have full details of Ayala Westgrove Heights updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Ayala Westgrove Heights - Location & Vicinity

Families at Ayala Westgrove Heights can surely have a grand time without even leaving their home with all of the completed amenities of this subdivision. Residents also have easy access to the country’s premier schools that have established annexes in the area such as St. Scholastica’s College-Westgrove, De La Salle University Canlubang, and Don Bosco School. In the future, a Church and a village retail center will be built right outside the gates of the subdivision

The location of the project is in Silang, Cavite, which is known for its attractive sites, cultural facilities and refreshing weather. Surrounded by splendid destinations, Ayala Westgrove Heights is placed conveniently for any type of needed diversion. Making your way to the nearest destinations will be an easy task due to incorporated infrastructures, which were brought to life for a smooth transportation between the key points in the area. The roads have been built along the routes which have frequently been covered, considering the environmental factors of preserving the beauty of nature. Ayala Land has been incorporating many ideas in the region for the sake of offering people highest quality of life with the regard harmonic combination of complex artificial structures and surrounding flora. 

Inside the village, you will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the surrounding land, due to a strategical design, which aims to offer the view of the most fabulous surroundings. By taking a walk around the area, you will be able to see the Tagaytay Ridge, Laguna de Bay, Makati Skyline and the Mount Makiling. Despite the enclosed village, the area features 3 transcending points, which could be used either for exiting or entering inside project’s perimeters. They are also strategically placed so that in case you need to migrate from a point straightaway to the exit or make a stop to a commercial center before entering the village, you will always be swiftly driving around due to the conveniently implemented design of the eastward exits.

The area was designed to preserve the original image of wildlife among the established human habitats. The environment is filled with more than thousands of mango trees and has numerous hills and valleys containing walking paths for relaxed journeys. The territory is divided in a balanced manner for people to be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. Practically half of the whole area is filled with the orchard trees, man-made lagoons, and beautiful natural reservations, while the other one is covered in its most part by real estates. Even though the houses dedicated to living are apart from the natural reservations, they can still be found among splendid landscapes and vegetation. 
The living area is located in the heart of nature. However, there are numerous facilities that can be reached in no time. With just 5 minutes of walking, you will reach NUVALI, which contains many schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. 

2. Education
The presence of numerous schools emphasizes one of the project’s targets, which is to offer families a comfortable stay with the possibility of raising future generations in a peaceful environment. Within about 15-20 minutes of driving, you can reach such schools as the St. Scholastica’s College, Xavier School, Brent International School, and many others. For offering a possibility of a future stay end education, there are also Universities, which are placed relatively in the near of Ayala Westgrove Heights, such as the University of Santo Tomas. 

3. Healthcare
You can rest assured when it comes to your health, as there are 2 hospitals in the near, the Asian Hospital and South Luzon Medical Center, which contain the necessary apparatuses and qualified doctors for tackling most of the problems related to health. 

4. Shopping
In case you want to diversify your life, you can always go further to Alabang or The Makati Central Business District, however, in most cases, it won’t be necessary, as 3 grand commercial centers: Solona, Alabang Town Center, and Paseo de Santa Rosa are located in several minutes of reach. 

5. Transport
The St. Rosa-Tagaytay Road is the longest street in the area, which runs through some of the most frequently visited points, which leads to Tagaytay in the west and can be accessed through either directly the St. Rosa exit, or Maplasan and Greenfield Exit. 

Nearby schools :

  • St. Scholastica's College -Westgrove
  • DLSU Canlubang
  • Don Bosco
  • Brent International School
  • Ateneo Graduate School
  • Xavier School (for future development)

Nearby hospitals :

  • Asian Hospital
  • South Luzon Medical Center

Nearby commercial centers :

  • Paseo de Santa Rosa
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Solana (NUVALI Retail Center)
Ayala Westgrove Heights Location

Ayala Westgrove Heights - Features & Amenities

Families at Ayala Westgrove Heights can surely have a grand time without even leaving their home with all of the completed amenities of this subdivision.

The Orchard Park remains one of the most attractive sites, as it fills 28 hectares, which has most of its part is naturally preserved. The blooming Mango trees extend in the perimeters of about 7 hectares, which form one of the most beautiful area's sites. Either for savoring the quiet air or going for a hike with your family and friends along the numerous pathways, the Orchard Park will remain as a symbol of peace and joy in the hearts of many. 

Another area which will offer the sensation of tranquility and delight is the Crestwood Park. It extends about 8 thousand square meters, where you can go and practice almost any kind of activity in the groups of your beloved ones. For spending some time in the arms of nature, you could either organize a picnic or take a peaceful walk in the park. By walking a little bit deeper, you will observe the Sports Center, where you can practice almost any kind of sports or entertain yourself by remaining in an active form. 
For those who seek for a spiritual coziness in the arms of nature, the Church of St. Benedict will guide you along your path. Located nearby, the Church of St. Benedict will offer you the opportunity to integrate into the traditions and community of the Ayala Westgrove Heights. 

Located in a pleasant corner of nature, Ayala Westgrove Heights can offer activities fitting to anyone’s preferences. Hang out with your friends and family and entertain yourself with some rounds of soccer, basketball or tennis. Are competitive sports not your cup of tea? In this case, you could enjoy your time by either cycling through the picturesque places, swimming in a splendid pool, or by exercising in a fitness gym. Even if you are taken by surprise by the rain, you can always opt to practice some of the activities indoors. There are many amenities for children as well, including a library and a play area. Of course, every of the offered facilities could be frequented without the need of a special permission or membership. Everything is offered freely for your use. 

Ayala Westgrove Heights is a perfect residing place for any types of groups and individuals. A family would be delighted to offer their children high-class education in local schools and universities and offer an optimal environment for their healthy development. Persons of various ages would find their place surrounded by beautiful landscapes and entertaining possibilities. For elderly people, it would be a perfect place to spend the days in a pleasant corner of nature, away from the troubles of outside world. The youngsters would also be able to find their fulfillment as the various included facilities and communal districts are in a close reach. 

  • 6- hectare Central Park with Man-made Lagoons
  • Children's Play Area
  • Covered and Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Fitness Gym
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Picnic Areas
  • Soccer Field
  • Social Hall
  • Swimming Pool with Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Tree-lined Jogging and Biking Paths
  • Children's Play Area
  • Junior Basketball Court
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Skating RinkSwimming Pool
  • Wet-play Area
  • Game Room
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Lap Pool and Kiddie Pool
  • Playgrounds and Picnic Areas
  • Wellness Center

Ayala Westgrove Heights - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Phase 14 ₱ 5.7 M – 8.5 M 430 sqm – 720 sqm
Phase 15 ₱ 5.7 M – 8.5 M 430 sqm – 720 sqm

Ayala Westgrove Heights - Payment Option

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Why You Should Invest In  Ayala Westgrove Heights

Amid the frolicking scenery within the Westgrove Heights, there are various reasons why you should invest on this virtual paradise and you might not be surprise to find out what are those.

Vanishing Natural Habitat

This habitat is one big example of the still remaining lush forest in the country. For nature lovers, this is one chance of a lifetime to nourish not only the family but also the environment they are living among with. The lot that homeowners will possess is a good start-up for a new home and family and also for sustaining the soil in their backyard. The children could also be taught to nourish the environment they are dwelling into and perhaps could do something to maintain its present state or further improve its condition for the sake of the next generation to come.

More Chances of Fertile Land for Agri-Business

This part of Cavite has fertile land as the presence of orchards, lagoons, naturally preserved ridges, garden paths and other nature’s wonders have shown. Here, the chance of getting into agri-business (or other similar trade) is not so remote where residents have the options to be engaged in this profession by acquiring other lands in the site’s vicinity for the purpose. You could certainly live among your peers. 

Manufacturing, Trade and Investment: Main Source of Silang’s Income

The presence of industrial estates and economic centers in Silang and nearby cities and towns, especially Sta. Rosa in Laguna, bring about employment, business opportunities and trading which make residents to have more chances to be involved in these careers. In 2004, land value in Silang soared tremendously because of the influx of Manila-based and foreign investors mainly in agriculture-based products, resorts and hotels, convenience stores, lumber and hardware trading and gasoline stations, among others.

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